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24 mai 2007 par  
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New Media & Society, Vol. 9, No. 3, June 2007

Harry Bouwman and Patrick Van Der Duin
Futures research, communication and the use of information and communication
technology in households in 2010: a reassessment
New Media & Society 2007 9: 379-399.

Andrew J. Flanagin
Commercial markets as communication markets: uncertainty reduction through mediated
information exchange in online auctions
New Media & Society 2007 9: 401-423.

Jan Heim, Petter Bae Brandtzæg, Birgit Hertzberg Kaare, Tor Endestad, and Leila Torgersen
Children’s usage of media technologies and psychosocial factors
New Media & Society 2007 9: 425-454.

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