Covering the Arab Spring in Global Media Journal (DE)

20 mai 2012 par  
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New edition of Global Media Journal (DE).

The special issue focuses on « Covering the Arab Spring: Middle East in the Media – the Media in the Middle East« . Guest editors: Riem Spielhaus and
Ehab Galal (University of Copenhagen).

Featured articles include:

– Edward Webb: Holding Back The Flood: Regimes of Censorship in the Middle East&  North Africa in Comparative Perspective

– Amr Osman&  Marwa Abdel Samei: The Media and the Making of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution

– Lorenzo Trombetta: Altering Courses in unknown Waters: Interaction between Traditional and New Media during the First Months of the Syrian

– Zvi Bar´el: Reshaping the Hegemony: State-Owned Media in Egypt after the Revolution Covering The Arab Spring beyond the Middle East

– Massimo Di Ricco: The Arab Spring is a Latin American Winter: TeleSUR’s « Ideological Approach » and the Breakaway from the Al-Jazeera

– Mikkel Fugl Eskjær: Changing Revolutions, Changing Attention? – Comparing Danish Press Coverage of the Arab Spring in Tunisia and Syria

– Hanne Jørndrup: Journalism’s Rewriting of History in Reporting the Arab Spring

Book Reviews

– Iren Schulz – Corinna Peil: Mobilkommunikation in Japan. Zur kulturellen Infrastruktur der Handy-Aneignung (2011)

– Ursula Götz – Barbie Zelizer, Stuart Allan (Hrsg.): Journalism after September 11.  (2011)