Journal of Media Sociology

11 mai 2009 par  
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Une nouvelle revue académique, Journal of Media Sociology, est disponible en libre accès.

This peer-reviewed scientific journal publishes theoretical and empirical papers and essays and book reviews that advance an understanding of the role and function (and dysfunctions) of mass media and mass communication in society or the world.

Et dans ce premier numéro (format pdf):

All Around the World Same Song: Blackness, Racism, and Popular Culture in China
By Robin R. Means Coleman

The Media Logic of Media Work

By Mark Deuze

The Routine at The Daily Routine: Exploring the Influence of the Individual in an Age of Media Transformation
By John Hatcher

Taking It to the Streets: U.S. Newspaper Discourses on Iraq War Protests

By Amani Ismail, Mervat Youssef and Dan Berkowitz

Untangling Spirals of Silence in a Presidential Election
By Leo W. Jeffres, Kimberly Neuendorf, Cheryl Campanella Bracken and David J. Atkin

Television Omnivores? Snob and Slob Taste for Television Programs in the Netherlands in 2000
By Ruben P. Konig, Hans C. Rebers, and Henk Westerik

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