Call for papers: The future of newspapers (12-13 sept 2007)

21 février 2007 par  
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The field leading journals Journalism Practice and Journalism Studies are launching a biennial conference, sponsored by Routledge Taylor and Francis and hosted by the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC). The inaugural conference in September 2007 will focus on the highly contested future of newspapers with contributions from the international community of academics, along with newspaper executives, trade unionists, journalists and regulators.

Newspapers around the globe confront particular difficulties and highly variable prospects reflecting their location in different market sectors, countries and journalism cultures. Despite this diversity, newspapers face similar challenges in responding to the increased competition from expansive local and national radio; 24 hour television news channels; the emergence of free “Metro” papers; the delivery of news services on billboards, pod casts and mobile telephony; the development of online editions, as well as the burgeoning of blogs, citizen journalists and User Generated Content. Newspapers’ revenue streams are also under attack as advertising increasingly migrates online. Pessimistic pundits predict the end of newspapers, while others see the future of newspapers online and yet others argue for an investment “in journalism” and “quality”, rather than cart loads of free gift offers and DVDs, as the necessary cure for the current parlous state of print news media.

The opening plenary exploring “Newspapers in the 21st Century; Trends and Developments” will be delivered by Peter Preston, ex Editor of the UK Guardian and Observer and media commentator for the Observer. Jane Singer, University of Iowa and Johnston Press Chair in Digital Journalism, University of Central Lancashire, will lead discussion of newspapers and new media.

Papers are invited on the following broad themes:

• The future of Newspapers: An overview from five continents (Africa; Asia; Europe; Australia and North and South America);
• The Future of Newspapers; New media, Blogs, Citizen journalism and UGC;
• The Future of Newspapers as Business Enterprises – Ownership, Advertising, sales, marketing, labour costs, the free newspaper model.
• The Future of Newspaper Editorial Contents; Dumbing up or down?
• The Future of Community, Local and Regional Newspapers

Titles and abstracts for papers should be emailed (by 31 March 2007) to Bob Franklin, the Editor at All papers will be reviewed by a panel of specialists and members of the Editorial Board.