Call for papers : Recycling news and its metamorphoses


Recycling news and its metamorphoses
Fabrication, legitimation, and perceptions of news

International conference organized by the GIS Journalisme, group of research centers investigating journalism : CARISM (Université Paris 2 – IFP), CRAPE (CNRS – Université de Rennes 1 – IEP), ELICO (Universités de Lyon), GRIPIC (CELSA – Université Paris Sorbonne) March 27-28, 2014, Lyon, France

Full call for papers in Spanish, French and Portuguese :

Submission deadline : september 15th 2013

The information disseminated in the news has been subject to profound changes since the development of the Internet. One of the many phenomena highlighted by contemporary analysts is the growing and now established practice of recycling news content, causing it to echo across the public arena. The resulting dialogues and appropriations in turn appear to take on the status of news through their dissemination on different media, and in the form of republications, citations, comments, controversies, reappropriations and bantering on the platforms of digital social networks.
Nevertheless, it would be a simplification to consider these discursive productions as mere extensions of news diffused beforehand in the mass media, leaving journalists to play the leading role in the landscape of the news.