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Otázky žurnalistiky (Questions of Journalism : – Bratislava) is a journal which reviews theory, research and practice of mass media and communication, which has more than fifty-years of tradition. It would greatly benefit from research and theoretical studies from the spheres of journalistic theory and practice, historical studies, the legal world, politics, economics, linguistics, sociological and psychological research of the press, radio, television and new media. The journal would also welcome reviews, interviews and  reports from research and news from interesting scientific events.

The main topic of  issue 1-2/2013 (vol. 56) is University Study of Journalism in the Digital Age

The deadline for abstracts (max. 350 words) of the research study or the theoretical study is February 22, 2013. Please, send your abstract to Confirmation of acceptance of abstracts will be provided by March 1, 2013. The deadline for the complete paper is April 3, 2013. Please follow the manuscript guide at

After the delivery of a final copy in Slovak, Czech, English, German, French or Russian via post or e-mail, the executive editor will evaluate the formal requirements of the text. The text is returned to be readjusted when it does not meet the criteria. Accepted texts are forwarded to two reviewers (one reviewer if the work is by a student) who are experts in a given field and are from different backgrounds to the author. The relation between the author and reviewers is bilaterally anonymous.

Once the text is positively reviewed, the submitted text is accepted for publishing. The text is refused if both our reviews come back negative. When one review is positive and the second negative, the author is requested to rewrite the text. Consequently, the text is entered in to a new review process.

When authors do not agree with the decision of the review, they can address their appeal to the editorial board that can confirm the reviewer’s decision or accept the text despite the review. The decision of the editorial board is communicated by the executive editor.

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