CFP : Digital Disruption to Journalism and Mass Communication Theory


CFP : Digital Disruption to Journalism and Mass Communication Theory

Call for Papers : Abstract submission deadline is 30 April 2014

This conference will explore how theories of journalism and mass communication are being challenged in the face of news and advertising digitization, device proliferation, human and organizational mobilization, and media market restructuring.

• How are research traditions, such as framing, gatekeeping, spiral of silence and agenda setting, being challenged – and perhaps even reformulated or reinvented – in light of the technological and economic changes brought about by digital media ?
• How is theorizing in fields such as media economics and political communication being challenged in the face of these digital media changes ?
• How might key concepts in journalism and mass communication, such as audience, public sphere, or even mass communication itself, be re-articulated in the era of digital media ?
• How is normative theorizing about the press, including notions of press freedom, challenged by the emerging dominance of digital media ?
• What might be learned about digital disruption through comparative research ?

The conference welcomes English-language submissions of theoretical essays and empirical studies.

This conference is sponsored by the University of Missouri School of Journalism and hosted in its Brussels office.

A 400-500 word abstract should be submitted to by 30 April 2014. Notice of acceptance will be provided by 30 May 2014. Full papers of no more than 25 double-spaced pages, not including notes or appendices, will be due by 15 September 2014.

For more information, contact Tim P. Vos, Coordinator for Global Research Initiatives at the University of Missouri :