« IMPACT » Summer School UPEC/UPEM in Paris (July 2016)


Subscription to the Summer school in Paris is open until July 10th. This year’s theme is « IMPACT » : International Media, Political Action & Communication Technologies. The course is available for Masters and PhD level students interested in political and public communication, social movements and transnational media activism, as well as the role of communication technologies in international relations. Suitable academic backgrounds include communication studies, political science, discourse analysis, area and cultural studies and sociology.

IMPACT aims to give its students a critical perspective on how the internationalization of communication, the sharp increase in and acceleration of the production of information, and the unprecedented development of digital media play a role in the way political action, citizen mobilization and public debate are now being framed.

The learning objectives are :

  • Become familiar with international communication as a field of study
  • Understand the potential links between open data, governmental transparency and citizen mobilizations
  • Analyze the dynamic relationships between social networks and the build-up of public debates
  • Analyze digital processes in electoral campaigns
  • Find out more about transnational political action, mediactivism and alternative communication

You can find out more information in this document or on the website of the summer school.