New edition of the Journalism Review


A new issue of Journalism has been made available :
November 2013, Vol. 14, No. 8.


Competing models of journalism ? Political affairs coverage in US, British,
German, Swiss, French and Italian newspapers
Frank Esser and Andrea Umbricht
Journalism 2013;14 989-1007

What aggregators do : Towards a networked concept of journalistic expertise
in the digital age
CW Anderson
Journalism 2013;14 1008-1023 ?etoc

Urinal or conduit ? Institutional information flow between the UK
intelligence services and the news media
Paul Lashmar
Journalism 2013;14 1024-1040 ?etoc

Responses to peace journalism
Jake Lynch and Annabel McGoldrick
Journalism 2013;14 1041-1058 ?etoc

Discouraging stereotypes ? US newspaper coverage of ethnic minority
entrepreneurs before the economic downturn
Cindy J Price Schultz and Leona Achtenhagen
Journalism 2013;14 1059-1075 ?etoc

Shifting boundaries : Objectivity, citizen journalism and tomorrow’s
Bolette B Blaagaard
Journalism 2013;14 1076-1090 ?etoc

The source, the resource and the collaborator : The role of citizen
journalism in local UK newspapers
Lily Canter
Journalism 2013;14 1091-1109 ?etoc