Appel à communication : « Convergence, Citizen Journalism & Social Change : Building Capacity »


Un appel à communication lancé par l’Université du Queensland à Brisbane sur le théme du journalisme citoyen, participatif, etc., pour un colloque prévu en mars 2008 :

« The era of the digital has led to the problematisation of a number of issues once taken for granted : for example, understandings of the nature, practices and objectives of journalism. While traditional journalism remains a significant institution in the Asia-Pacific region, new forms of journalism – from blogs to online news services – have begun to offer audiences new sources for news and new opportunities for selfexpression.
This raises questions about what is journalism in the context of an era in which traditional notions and practices of journalism are continually challenged/matched/complemented by an explosion of digital practices, insurrections and resistances both within and outside mainstream media organisations. […] While there is, for instance, evidence of the changes that are directly and indirectly impacting on the scope and practice of journalism as a result of a variety of public/citizen communication practices, we are less sure of the sustainability of such practices, and of the relationship these practices have to mainstream journalism and media policy. In this context of change, it makes sense to explore the capacities required for the next generation of media, communication and journalism students, and the pedagogies that are needed to nurture citizen journalism and other forms of community media. »

L’intégralité de l’appel à communication.