Call for Papers : Algoritmos

Jornalismo e Algoritmos / Journalism and algorithms / Periodismo y algoritmos (Brazilian Journalism Research).

Guest Editors : André Lemos (Universidade Federal da Bahia) and David Domingo (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Articles that provide empirical evidence and relevant case studies on the development and consequences of algorithmic journalism, as well as those proposing innovative theoretical and/or methodological approaches to better understand the interaction between PDAP and journalism, are welcome in this issue. The topics of interest are (not exclusively) :

  • Platformization and journalism
  • Datafication and journalism
  • Automation and journalism
  • Algorithms and data journalism
  • Dataviz and journalism
  • Journalism, artificial intelligence and natural language Software
  • Algorithms, politics and fake news
  • Algorithms, journalism and digital humanities
  • Algorithms and journalistic values
  • Algorithms and journalistic narratives and formats
  • Algorithms, privacy and journalism
  • Algorithms, journalism, data policy and transparency
  • Algorithms and applied research in journalism
  • Ethics, algorithms and journalism
  • Algorithms and journalistic practice
  • Algorithms and training in journalism


Deadline : 2020-03-20

More info :