Call for Papers : Media and Breakdown

This event focuses on the play off between deconstruction and reconstruction work in media, communication and cultural studies.

Break up, break down, and break away : variations on media and the breaking down of infrastructures, technicalities, texts, contexts and social relations are the basis of this international symposium Media and Breakdown.

The international symposium offers a platform for dialogue on media and breakdown that addresses the theme from empirical and theoretical perspectives. We invite papers related to the following themes :

• Media and crises of democracy

• Media, civility and incivility

• Media misinformation, bias and fake news

• Media and failure of institutions, infrastructures, and professionals

• Media framing of catastrophe, crisis, and apocalypse

• Media and breaking down genres and narratives

• Media and cultural practices of collapse, repair and reconciliation

• Media, arts and creativity on breakdown, dissolution and resolution

• Media and cultural methods of deconstruction and reconstruction


Deadline : December 12th 2019

More info :